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Glove Guard holding gloves close to beltSafety on the job site is everyone's concern, and we make it easier by offering top quality Glove Guard safety products to industrial companies and construction crews.

The Glove Guard® family of products offer sturdy, reliable glove clips and glove holders. These hand safety products help employers manage the hazards of an industrial workplace... and risk management is another way of saying increased productivity and good staff morale.


When Glove Guard® glove holders were tested in the workplace, hand injuries went down by 86 percent! Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™ and Utility Bag™ have served and protected tens of thousands across America...

5 Simple Reasons Why They Work

Glove Guard® improves hand safety by keeping gloves close by at all times. When gloves are easy to access, personnel are more likely to use them. Glove guard keeps gloves near by instead of in a toolbox. Using gloves often helps prevent hand lacerations, puncutres, burns, abrasions and chemical exposure.

Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™ and Utility Bag™ feature strong, interlocking teeth on the clip. This clip grips a variety of glove sizes and other articles such as cloth sleeve protectors, mechanic towels, ear muffs, and so much more. The clip grips in all weather and condition, making it ideal for tough work environments.

Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™ and Utility Bag™ all feature a patented safety break-away center. This feature helps prevent personnel from being pulled into machinery if gloves are accidentally caught in moving parts. The break-away also helps prevent personnel from being pulled off balance if gloves snag while climbing a ladder.

Glove Guard®, Utility Guard™ and Utility Bag™ are sturdy. Products do not break away easily. They're designed to provide proper level of safety without compromising quality. If breakaway occurs, the product has done its job! arrowContact us directly for free product replacement.

Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ are made for real life. Every component is non-conductive dielectric composition with no metal parts to conduct electricity, rust, or corrode. They also resist flex fatigue, mechanical damage, and chemical attack to keep the product working longer.

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  1. Hand injuries are , by far, the largest category of injuries reported by industry and construction.
  2. Most hand injuries could have been prevented; or lessened in their severity, by wearing gloves.
  3. Lost or misplaced gloves is the most common excuse for not using gloves.
  4. The Glove Guard® safety tool assures the worker of having his gloves on his person every time he needs them.
  5. PROOF: When Glove Guard® was issued to the work force at an industrial site near Baytown, reported a reduction in hand injuries of 86%.
  6. When workers are issued Glove Guards®, they are far less likely to lose or misplace the gloves issued to them.
  7. PROOF: Many companies are reporting a reduction in glove preplacement costs that far exceeds the additional cost of the Glove Guards®; resulting in a net savings.

Client Quotes

Customers love Glove Guard® glove holders and glove clips!

Companies around the world have experienced incredible results for safety and efficiency through Glove Guard, Utility Guard and Utility Bag products. Here are just a few quotes from actual clients:

Polymers Group, Texas -

"Use of the Glove Guard® has enabled us to far surpass our initial expectations. It has become as common as hard hats and safety glasses. As part of our PPE program, recordable hand injuries have been reduced by 86% because employees had their gloves available at all times. Thanks for your continued support and assistance in making our site safer and more cost efficient."

Industrial Plants, Construction Companies, Utility Companies, etc. -

"Maintenance has found the Glove Guard® to be very helpful. Now the gloves stay with the workers, versus having them back at their tool box or out of reach when hand protection is really needed."

Electrical Contractor in Houston, Texas -

"Glove Guard® provides an effective way for the employees to keep up with the gloves that are issued upon hire. Glove Guard® also allows us to let others know we are a safety conscientious contractor."

Why Glove Guard?


Does your company go through a lot of work gloves? Are employees constantly coming back in to get another pair of gloves? And despite your best efforts to provide the proper safety equipment, are hand injury numbers still higher than they should be?


Glove Guard can help in two ways. We can reduce your hand injuries and lower your glove replacement costs at the same time....

If you are a company that already goes the first mile for your employees by providing them the proper gloves to do their job safely, why not go the second mile and provide Glove Guard for them so they will have those gloves with them every time they need them; especially if the second mile could more than pay for itself in savings of first mile costs.

Add Glove Guard to your overall safety program; you, your employees, and your insurance company will be very glad you did! It is one safety program that really will save you money.

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Save of Glove Costs

Glove Guard is a proven remedy for glove loss and the high cost of replacing gloves.

Many a shop floor or construction site offers sure footing from one end to the other... on lost or misplaced gloves! You could almost walk from glove to glove in many industrial sites.

But with Glove Guard on the job gloves are securely held to the workers belt or clothing. Glove loss is reduced and so is your overhead.

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