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- NEW - Oktolock

The OktoLock™ clip is made out of a strong, durable, and flexible PC-ABS plastic. Manufactured in the USA, the OktoLock™ clip’s unique features securely fasten cords, hoses, or cables to railings, pipes, or lifts. Designed with the user in mind, the OktoLock™ clip takes waiting trip hazards and securely contains them to a safe location.

With a goal to reduce trip hazards around the job site, the OktoLock™ clip is designed to mount to hand rails or pipes up to 2” in diameter, while the lower 3” diameter loop wraps around your cords, hoses, welding leads, or cables. When stringing cords, we suggest that the user uses one OktoLock™ clip every 2-4 feet to eliminate excessive slack on the line.

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- NEW - Goggle Guard

The Goggle Guard™ clip keeps your Goggles or Sun Glasses or Safety Glasses safe and close at hand. Keep your eyes safe with out brand new Goggle Guard!

To use just attach the Goggle Guard clip to the back of your Safety Helmet. The Goggle Guard easily slips on and stays in place. Then you can use it to keep Goggles or Glasses safe and easy to reach. It also keeps pens or pencils close for easy access.

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Utility Catcher

- NEW - Utility Catcher™

The Utility Catcher™ clip is a versatile clip that is a 'catch-all' for everything else you haven't 'caught' yet. Originally designed as an easy and convenient way to keep up with a hard hat when not in use, the Utility Catcher™ clip is actually a multipurpose clip that can be used to keep up with tools or other PPE items.

To use, slide the belt clip over your belt, pocket or waistband and then open the clip by either pulling the tabe outward to unsnap it or slide it to either side. Once open, insert the item you wish to hold into the clip and then snap or slide into place.

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Glove Rings

- NEW - Glove Rings™

"Suit Up" time is generally found to be one of the most time consuming activities in Hazmat services according to most profesionals in the field. Reduce that time while increasing wrist and hand mobility with the Glove Rings® accessory! Made from a strong, flexible plastic they provide a firm surface for taping that makes a better and more consistent seal.

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- NEW - KewlLid™

KewlLid is a support lid that is made to fit securely on top of a 55 gal. drum, a 44 gal. trash can or other, similar-sized waste receptacle. The design incorporates an arc that keeps your beverage cooler in place, as well as an opening for trash disposal. KewlLid is made of durable polypropylene and is revolutionizing the way America stays hydrated.

Proper hydration is vital for health and well-being. KewlLid is the safe and functional solution for holding a beverage cooler while at work or play. KewlLid is also cost-efficient and, at the same time, environmentally responsible.

Click here for more info on KewlLid

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Bass Guard

- NEW - Bass Guard™

The Bass Guard™ premium culling system maximizes the survival rate of your fish by reducing the amount of stress and harm to them. The strong plastic clip with interlocking teeth firmly grasps the lower jaw and does not easily come loose. The semi rigid floats are brightly colored for easy identification and prevent tangling for easy retrieval.

The plastic clip retains its memory and resists flex fatigue to provide a long life with a strong grip. The float is a flexible plastic that is still semi-rigid so that
they do not tangle when in the live well for extended
periods of time.

Click here for more info on Bass Guard

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Metal Detectable Glove Guard

- NEW - Metal Detectable Glove Guard® brand Glove Clips

The Glove Guard®, Utility Guard® and Handi Klip® lines are now offered in a version that is molded entirely out of a metal detectable plastic that was designed specifically for use in the food processing industry to safely keep your gloves close at hand.

See which Glove Guard® glove clip style fits your metal detectable needs the best.

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Powerband™ Wristband

- NEW - Power Band™ magnetic wristband

The Power Band™ magnetic wrist band is perfect to hold nuts, bolts, screws or small hand tools allowing you to safely perform the task at hand. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear and built to last.

The Power Band™ magnetic wrist band is perfect for automotive technicians, IT professionals, home improvement or any job where you need both hands for working.

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Safety Products

Glove Guard and Utility GuardThe patented Glove Guard® glove holder has a 10+ year proven record in the industrial market as a valuable safety tool. The patent-pending Utility Guard™ has the same safety features and durability as the Glove Guard®, but allows the user to slip it over a belt and keep their items closer to their body.

With the ability to imprint both the Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ with a standard arrowsafety slogan or arrowcustom imprint, your company can promote its safety message or company logo while reducing hand injuries and glove loss!

arrowRead more about Glove Guard and Utility Guard's proven track record of safety.

Glove Guard

Glove Guard® glove holder

The original, Glove Guard®, is the number one product for hand safety, because the tool that keeps gloves close at hand is as important as the gloves themselves.

When workers can safely keep gloves within reach they are more likely to use gloves. Glove Guard® has revolutionized the hand safety industry.

At many companies, Glove Guard® is now mandatory in Safety programs, along with hard hats and safety glasses.

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Utility Guard

Utility Guard™

The Utility Guard™ has all of the same safety features and usefulness of the Glove Guard®, but is designed to attach to a belt instead of a belt loop.

At many companies, Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ is now mandatory in Safety programs, along with hard hats and safety glasses.

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Glove Guard® Utility Bags

The new Utility Bag™ uses the same proven safety breakaway as the Glove Guard® and the Utility Guard™, but allows you to keep the tools of your trade close at hand!

Utility Bag Pouches

Another great feature of the Utility Bag™ is that it is available with either the Glove Guard® small end clip or the Utility Guard belt clip.

The Open Mesh Utility Bags have an open weave design for visibility and breathability.

The Soft Pouch Utility Bag is made of a soft fabric that is perfect for your more delicate items.

The Eyeglass Bag is a soft, formed, zippered case to hold your glasses while not in use.

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Handi Klip™

Handi Klip™

The Handi Klip™ by Glove Guard® LP uses a ball and socket joint that allows both ends to rotate freely and features oversized jaws to fit even the largest gloves

In those rare instances when a safety breakaway is not needed or might not be advantageous, Handi Klip™ will provide another quality alternative!

Handy Klip™ comes in 5 available colors

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Save on Glove Costs

Glove Guard® glove holders and glove clips are a proven remedy for glove loss and the high cost of replacing gloves.

Many a shop floor or construction site offers sure footing from one end to the other... on lost or misplaced gloves! You could almost walk from glove to glove in many industrial sites.

With glove clips and glove holders from Glove Guard® on the job, gloves are securely held to the workers belt or clothing. Glove loss is reduced and so is your overhead. Protect your employees and your resources with glove holders and glove clips from Glove Guard®

Available colors

Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ glove holders come in eigth different colors. View our color selection on thearrowColors and Slogans page.

Slogans and logos

Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ may be ordered blank, with a standard slogan on one side of the glove clip, or with custom imprinting on one or both sides of the glove clip. You can find out more about that on either our arrowColors and Slogans or arrowCustom Imprinting page.

More than just gloves

Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™ are used every day for a wide variety of tasks outside the industrial work place. arrowTake a look at some of the creative ways people have used Glove Guard® and Utility Guard™.

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