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Why Glove Guard?


Does your company go through a lot of work gloves? Are employees constantly coming back in to get another pair of gloves? And despite your best efforts to provide the proper safety equipment, are hand injury numbers still higher than they should be?


Glove Guard can help in two ways. We can reduce your hand injuries and lower your glove replacement costs at the same time. How? By providing a tool that keeps a worker's gloves at his side so that when he needs them, they are there for him. Employees aren't stupid; they will use their gloves if they have them. The problem is, they can't remember where they left them half the time and don't want to take the time to retrace their steps to find them. So, they decide they will go ahead and do the job without them this time - and you know the rest of the story.

We have heard of companies who have seen a 40% drop in glove replacement costs; however no one has documented that for us yet. We did, however, receive documentation from one chemical plant of a whopping 86% decrease in reportable hand injuries. Just think about the various ways that figure influences that company's bottom line, to say nothing of the pain and suffering saved in employees' lives. This really is a safety program that pays for itself over and over again.

Besides being a major player in the personal protective equipment arena, Glove Guard® has two safety features of its own:

  • First, it is all dielectric, so it won't conduct current to the wearer if he brushes against power.
  • Second, it has a patented safety breakaway. We are the only clip that can offer this all-important safety feature to you because we own the patent. What this means to the employee is that if he is going up a scaffold or ladder and snags his gloves (or whatever he has attached to the Glove Guard®) on something, the Glove Guard® will pop apart, and he will not be pulled off balance.
    • Or, if he is around moving equipment and gets his gloves caught in the equipment, the Glove Guard® will pop apart instead of pulling him into the machinery. This little safety breakaway feature could be the difference between losing a pair of gloves and losing a life.

If you are a company that already goes the first mile for your employees by providing them the proper gloves to do their job safely, why not go the second mile and provide Glove Guard® for them so they will have those gloves with them every time they need them; especially if the second mile could more than pay for itself in savings of first mile costs.

Add Glove Guard® to your overall safety program; you, your employees, and your insurance company will be very glad you did! It is one safety program that really will save you money.


Save of Glove Costs

Glove Guard® is a proven remedy for glove loss and the high cost of replacing gloves.

Many a shop floor or construction site offers sure footing from one end to the other... on lost or misplaced gloves! You could almost walk from glove to glove in many industrial sites.

But with Glove Guard® on the job gloves are securely held to the workers belt or clothing. Glove loss is reduced and so is your overhead.

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